Case Study


(Based on a profile done by Endeavor ( on Elements Akademia. Their consultants visited our Bhopal Office and met the students there.)

Anita grew up in Bhopal, MP, where her father was a government official and her mother was a homemaker, and the household earned income was less than US$200 per month. After attending a Hindi medium school for 10 years in a lower income area, societal norms should have dictated Anita marry immediately after graduation and become a homemaker.

Even if she had wanted something different, Anita’s education had not provided the ‘employability’ skills necessary to give her any alternatives versus just following her mother’s footsteps and become a housewife. No one had taught her how to speak grammatically correct English, she didn’t know how to use a computer, she had no customer service or grooming skills and she wasn’t aware of the job opportunities in the corporate sector. As a result, Anita did not have the confidence to explore her potential or the mindset to take on a competitive job. After learning about Elements via a government strategic alliance, she enrolled in the course and passed with flying colours. Today, she says that her skills and behaviour, not just her technical knowledge, have changed for the better. Anita now has the confidence to communicate with her colleagues and she believes that girls like her can leave Bhopal to pursue career opportunities in metro areas.

When the course culminated in Anita receiving a US$220 per month salaried job at Genpact in Delhi, she became a role model among her relatives for earning a compensation package that was higher than her father’s at his retirement. To her peers, Anita represents the fact that women can become professionals, a living example of women empowerment.To Elements, Anita represents one of many brand ambassadors – she herself has gotten three of her friends admitted as referrals! There are multiple such examples where Elements has been able to bring out a very significant change in the lives of its students… helping them reach where they would not have reached without this training.

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