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The Problem

Eight Indian states have more poor than 26 poorest African nations combined, and India overall is estimated to have a third of the world’s poor.
Unemployment leading to poverty leading to lack of education and training for the next generation leading to deeper poverty – this is a vicious cycle.

Our Intervention

Our Bottom-of-Pyramid work focuses on various semi-urban and rural areas of North India to train and place Class X and XII pass BPL (Below-Poverty-Line) beneficiaries. A typical module will be of 6-8 weeks, designed with the help of hiring partners, at the end of which the student would get a job in the partner company and beyond.
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Our Company

Elements Foundation aims to tackle the severe unemployment problem in India - by not only providing employability training to Below Poverty Line beneficiaries, but also ensuring that they are placed in jobs befitting their skills and interests. We believe that much of the socioeconomic backwardness of our nation is deeply rooted in the lack of good job opportunities for the vast majority. The paradox is that corporate India keeps complaining of the lack of ‘appropriate’ talent while millions keep complaining about lack of jobs… and never the twain shall meet! Our parent company (Elements Akademia Pvt Ltd) pioneered employability skills development, and we consider it our moral obligation to also conduct this intervention for the Bottom-of-the-Pyramid section, usually free of cost for the beneficiary.